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After Keith Borizz organised the IN BETWEEN concert series some years ago, he applied himself to new shores. With MDTA, an artist community, he presents a WORLD MUSIC NIGHT. You are invited on friday 25th, of July at VEREIN STRANDGUT.

See ya.






Keith Borizz proudly presents the current artwork of the KB homepage.

Something old and something new joined forces and became the present picture. Missfelidae adapted the previous background photo taken by Raphael Gabauer.
 The Output is the picture you are looking at.

Missfelidae also mixed the same photo with the unique fractal by Gea Austen for
 the CentvinTiès homepage. Look it up.




Keith's Ovation electro - acoustic guitar already found a new owner.

Hopefully it will serve the young musician as well as it did Borizz.
 He nevertheless will certainly keep the experience and some memories.
 But he's curiously looking for recent shores.







With a bit of melancholy because it served well for some years, Keith is selling his Ovation Elite 1778 T electro - acoustic guitar. Also including an OP - PRO Series Pre-Amp System (Tuner integrated), Ovation hardcase and additionally Adamas 1717E (0,10 - 0,47) Strings.

Borizz especially used it for gigs with Bad Aunt Eve but you can also hear the guitar in the MEDIA / AUDIO section on tracks, "Wasted Skills Pt. 2" by Centvin Tiès and "Addicted to Thoughts Pt. 2" by Bad Aunt Eve. Further you can see and hear it in  the MEDIA / VIDEO section of the homepage in the video for "Wasted Skills Pt. 1 and Pt. 2" by Centvin Tiès.

The price for as a new model was € 1.699. You can have it used but in very good shape for € 890.

If you are interested, please contact office(at)keithborizz.net.




Yes, now it's through. It may be sad but it's true, the four guys of Push to Erect are going to walk seperate ways from now on.

After playing together for about six years and live gigs for more than four years,
the musicians made a clear decision and a friendly cut.

In the name of Push to Erect, thanks to all who shared PtE's path for the last few years.

Here is a picture link from the last concert at Kijani (Linz) from the 12th, of July.

Concert pics shot by Oliver K.

And also a link to a video Push to Erect has made to one of the last songs.

Push to Erect - Dropped in a Box




Bad news for Push to Erect - Fans, ...
...the recording for the debut album was cancelled.
Sorry, but there's no further information at the moment.



Coming up on Friday 12th of July at KIJANI in LINZ...


PUSH TO ERECT turns on the heat of the night with a mixture of music styles,
to name a few,...funk, rock, blues, psychedelic, etc.


As a little foretaste watch this video Push to Erect - Dropped in a Box.





Well, and another story comes to an end.
Keith Borizz decided to leave Bad Aunt Eve.
They played together for about 5 years, with two of the guys even much longer in former bands.

Keith wants to spread a special thank you to all of the Eve guys and friends around the band, for sharing very interesting, funny but also crazy and demanding time.

There are some pictures below and an old B.A.E recording to find here.
Peace out.





During the next few months Keith Borizz will do a Pre-Recording Session with PUSH TO ERECT, to be prepared for the Recording in summer for the upcoming CD.


So there'll be no concerts during that period,...maybe one?!?!??






PUSH TO ERECT came back after a great gig in Graz as support band for the ROCODRILOS EP Release show.


No time to waste, P.T.E. is looking forward to play an even more fascinating concert at the LOCAL HEROES BAND CONTEST Upper Austrian Final at SPINNEREI in TRAUN.

If you still need a ticket contact office(at)keithborizz.net For getting a taste check out more live photos by EARSHOT and Oliver Katzenberger from the last LOCAL HEROES show or a live video.



Citizens of Graz be prepared!
PUSH TO ERECT is hot for playing to warm you up for the EP Release Party of
the ROCODRILOS at SUB in Graz this week on Saturday. 



PUSH TO ERECT passed the first round of the LOCAL HEROES BAND CONTEST, won the audience prize and became jury's third.

Check out more photos from the contest by Oliver Katzenberger.

See you next time at the LOCAL HEROES 1st Upper Austrian final with 
PUSH TO ERECT. Coming up on Saturday the 2nd of March at SPINNEREI Traun.

For tickets please contact office(at)keithborizz.net



The "IN BETWEEN"-concert with PUSH TO ERECT, THE AGE BROS. BAND and DJ HEINZ at KIJANI Linz was awesome. Nice Sound, a lot of happy people, cool bands and a DJ with spicy performances. Thanks to all who came to visit. (More photos are coming soon.)


Next to come is the gig in Traun, at Spinnerei with PUSH TO ERECT at the "local heroes" - band contest on saturday 9th, of february.

Anybody who still needs a ticket feel free to contact: office@keithborizz.net

So if you like PTE, then support them // Entry: € 9,00
Push to Erect live video 



The first Centvin Ties gig as a band was quite a success. Keith Borizz would again like to thank everybody who made the concert possible.

But no time to rest, the next event is coming up ... It's the third edition of the "in between" concert series at Kijani, Am Graben 27, 4020 Linz. The line up is PUSH TO ERECT, THE AGE BROS. BAND and DJ Heinz.

Just for getting a taste, take a look at an older PUSH TO ERECT live video, see ya.



Welcome to the new official site of Keith Borizz.

First in line there's a concert date on wednesday 16th of January. So if you want to hear something new and something old, be there. You can also check out media for photos, audio tracks or videos or orgins for backgrounds and bios.

Have fun surfing through it.